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Welcome to the Saint Tail Fan-fic Homepage!


These fan fics are meant for people already familiar with the shoujo series, Kaitou Saint Tail, so no explanatory background is included in the text.

Almost all of the fan fics are rated G, with a few, well labeled, exceptions. If you disregard the notes, don't complain to me, I warned you.

All of the works are my own, but the original characters belong to Kodansha, Tachiwaka Megumi and TMS. I am indebted to them for the happy times they have provided. I sincerely hope you enjoy my stories and positive feedback is very welcome.

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And now...It's Showtime!


Manga jaa!!


The Fanfics!


These two stories go together, sort of like chapters one and two. They were the first Saint Tail stories I wrote and, for many reasons, they're still my favorites.

Opera House Emeralds

Love Song

These are longer, one shot deals.  Most of these are Asuka Jr. and Saint Tail, not Meimi stories. 

Puzzle Box Treasure  

Disappearing Act   

Escape Artist

Truth or Dare   A fic with your choice of endings!

It's Done With Mirrors   (Spoiler) 

Invictus  This is a non-hentai version of another story with the same name.  

The Magic Words 

Past Influences

A Gift from the Sky    


It's Showtime!


Scenes I'd Like To See:

These stories are a sort of on going series, though none of them are connected in any way. They are short, one shot deals. Most of them are Asuka Jr. and Meimi, not Saint Tail...and, as the title implies, I'd like to see these actually happen!


What Would You Do?  (Warning: Incomplete!)

The Diamond Clip 

After The Fall   (Spoiler)

Creation Myth 

Snakes and Ladders

Math Problems

Phone Booth, Park "A"

Dear Meimi...

A Gentleman's Agreement 

Love Letters  

9 Days  

Why Won't You Look At Me? 


Most important things!


Hentai/Ecchi Saint Tail Stories

For those over the legal age...



Other, non-Saint Tail fics...if you can believe!


The Ayumi Yui Page
Dedicated to the wonderful, terrific, fantastic, if-you-only-knew-how-good
works of Japan's most impressive, talented and romantic mangaka.


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